Our vitamin c cocktail infusion is the ultimate antioxidant treatment.

We mix a cocktail of powerful serums including vitamin C, A, E. Our serums are clean and medical level, which provide for better results than regular serums.


Antioxidants serums are the best way to protect your skin from aging and discoloration. Products high in antioxidant properties protect you from sun damage and environmental stressors which can be anywhere. This treatment improves skin clarity, radiance, and natural color. It evens out skin tone and targets fine lines, brightens and clarifies skin complexion.


We induce the cocktails in your skin through a deep facial massage, and then we apply oxygen infusion to boost the absorption of the antioxidants serums.


You will leave this treatment with a beautiful natural glow.


*Includes treatment of the face, neck and décolleté. We also include a freshly made detox juice to feed your gut the right ingredients to promote skin radiance.



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Location: 973 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33130

Hours: Mon - Sat 10 am - 7 pm 


Email: info@habitskinlab.com

Phone: 786 360 1116