GUA SHA is an ancient healing technique that helps decrease inflammation of the skin, fine lines, acne, and others by promoting circulation, creating space and movement in the skin.


Gua Sha massages have become popular over time because they have shown a huge improvement in the skin when done properly and constantly. As we age, our skin decreases collagen production, which makes us age faster. The gua sha tool promotes circulation and movement, giving our skin a massage that allows for deeper product penetration, encouraging collagen production and better circulation.


We use a natural rose glow serum with antioxidants for moisture and use the gua sha to massage the entire face and neck. This serum is non comedogenic, natural and effective. It leaves the skin completely hydrated and nourished. The smell of roses relaxes you even more.


Upon finishing the gua sha massage, we then apply microcurrent to stimulate facial muscles. Microcurrent gives you a skin lifting sensation, think of it as a botox without the chemicals, microcurrent allows for a natural skin lift.


This is the ultimate face massage you are dreaming of!

*Includes treatment of the face, neck and décolleté.



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